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Rolf® Structural Integration


About Cleveland Rolfing®

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Leah Rachocki
Certified Rolfer™

Rolf Movement Practitioner

Cleveland Rolfing provides Rolf Structural Integration and Rolf Movement sessions.

Leah Rachocki earned Rolf Certification in 2004 and Rolf Movement Certification in 2021 from the Dr Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. 

Dr Rolf developed the work to improve a person's relationship with gravity, so to improve quality of life. Rolfing and Rolf Movement can also help a person develop personal skills to manage sensation, pain and stress. 

Each Rolfing (or Rolf Movement) session is an opportunity for the client to learn what is inside their skin by simple awareness using touch and movement. We work session by session, at the client's pace.


Really, the people who hire Rolfers are students of gravity! 

Cleveland Rolfing is available to teach classes to small groups in person, preferably in nature while engaged in an activity such as hiking or kayaking. Zoom creates the opportunity for online group classes. Contact me to arrange a group experience. 

We face challenges today which demand self -awareness and self-leadership.

Cleveland Rolfing offers practical tools to meet life's demands.


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Rolfing Sessions

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My Rolfing sessions with Leah were gentle, intuitive, and provided immediate results. And while the sessions themselves have had a profound impact on me, she has also helped me obtain a new level of awareness around posture and movement that will be a part of my daily experience for the rest of my life.


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Each session with Leah has invited me to live in my body in a more spacious, grounded, and adaptive way. The work we have done together has helped me find new access to my breath and my voice. I have discovered movement and resilience in the areas of my body that previously felt most rigid or stiff. 

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The pain I had felt in my body was affecting me in such a negative way, and I'm very thankful I found Leah. She has a true, deep passion for the work she does, and such a gentle touch. I encourage anyone to see her who is experiencing any type of pain.


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Cleveland Rolfing continues the practice I began in Alaska in 2004. Cleveland is my hometown, and I returned in 2015 to offer this practical bodywork / experiential education to my first community.  When I left in 1995, my left leg was lame from a spinal injury. Today, my left leg works just as well as my right, thanks to Rolfing. I came back to help other people recover too.

My intention is to offer experience-based education to solve the pain that can be solved. I work with people at all stages of life; I'm also trained to work with horses and dogs. The health of women is of particular interest to me, as I believe that happy, healthy families, and communities, need happy healthy women - for life!

Rolfing carries a trade mark, carried by the Dr Ida Rolf Institute. This trade mark denotes graduates of the Rolf Institute who are in good standing by meeting ethics, education, and practice requirements. I have been a member of the Rolf Institute since graduation in 2004. To learn more, go to

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