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Cleveland Rolfing® is pivoting to meet the needs of our new environment.

Currently, Sessions are available online and in person, using the Book Online button above. 

You'll notice several ways to work with Cleveland Rolfing!

Cleveland Rolfing does not sell Ten Series packages; instead Rolfer Leah Rachocki meets clients individually and guides them forward using the Principles of Rolfing. Online Rolf sessions are also available, and offer outcomes that meet the goals of Rolfing. 


Clients often need a series of sessions, at the client's pace.

Cleveland Rolfing teaches cues and skills to use between sessions for the improvement of symptoms and better stress management.

 We are living in a new world! Adaptability is in your nature, together we can guide you to reconnect to yourself. In today's changing world, your connection to yourself is more valuable than ever.

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Rolfing, like life, is a Team sport.

Let's stay balanced together!


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