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Cleveland Rolfing® has pivoted to meet the needs of our new environment. 

I've created a beautiful studio in my home in Ohio City to minimize risk related to working in public buildings. This shift allows me to expand the length of sessions, and to offer Rolfing to those financially impacted by COVD19.

CLients are asked to come freshly washed/laundered, and to refrain from running errands before /after sessions. Masks are required! HEPA/Ozone/UV filter is used between sessions, after all surfaces are cleaned. COVID 19 is serious, and so is your capacity for resilience.

We can work together online to guide you to improve your self-care dramatically. Or you canchoose a full Rolfing session which includes manual therapy and movement education in my clean, safe studio. 

Or you can book partial sessions - either manual therapy or movement alone. 

For many years I have quietly offered phone sessions to Rolfing clients, and today's Zoom-based world enhances my capacity to help from a distance. 

Note: the online scheduler books sessions on East Coast time, if you are in a different time zone, translate the time change when you schedule so that we meet online at the same time.


Online Awareness Practices are another new offering. We spend 30 minutes together via Zoom. I teach a bit of functional anatomy and then guide you into your body, so you can practice your awareness skills. This is not a meditation class, this is a practice, which takes some effort, so that the skills you practice become available in your daily life.

Use the Book Online to see the options and to schedule.

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Rolfing, like life, is a Team sport.

Let's stay balanced together!


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