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In the last 15 years, there has been a tremendous increase in  research related to connective tissue, somatic therapies and  ‘alternative’ healing technologies.

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We have some journals you may examine, including the Journal of Bodywork Movement Therapies, Rolf Lines, and the wonderful online resource Rolf Research Library. The International Fascia Research Congress was established by the Fascia Research Society to encourage better research projects, and to connect researchers directly with clinicians. PubMed is a great tool to examine current and past research.

Rolfing works with the largest patterns in the body to return the system to a fluid state of ease and adaptability. Using science to ‘prove’ Rolfing will take some time, and will require scientists ask better questions to use a larger frame. Most scientists do not receive Rolfing or other types of bodywork, few researchers are looking at this broad, principles-based approach to Healing. Frankly, the only way to become familiar with Rolf Structural Integration is to hire a Rolfer for a series of sessions. Isn’t experience the best teacher?

Rolfing offers an opportunity to experience sustainable health. To discover how healthy you can be, use Leah’s online schedule to arrange your Rolfing experience. movement-therapies