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Rolfing is experience-based education that can reduce chronic pain patterns and improve quality of life. Rolfers work with connective tissue to free the body so that it you can stabilize and move with ease in relationship to gravity. Dr Rolf called gravity 'our first mother', our primary relationship. Learning through experience about your primary relationship can deepen your capacity for sustainable health. 

We can work in person, or online. If you are new to Rolfing, or if you would like to work with me outside of normal sessions, such as with a group via zoom or i, book 15 minutes with me on Zoom so we can learn about each other and discover ways to work together. 

COVID 19 has changed my practice in three ways. First, thanks to new Rolf Institute continuing education opportunities online, I discovered firsthand the usefulness of Rolfing via zoom. I’m able to guide clients to improve self care and self awareness which reduces pain, strain and stress, meeting the goals of Rolfing. This is a wonderful opportunity, particularly as the virus and oncoming winter have us living so differently.  

Second, Rolf: Manual Therapy or Rolf: Movement can now be booked as stand-alone sessions, less than an hour at a lesser rate than a full session. Full Rolfing sessions remain available. If you are unsure, schedule a 15 minute zoom visit with me, it’s free, and gives us a chance to connect to figure out together how I can best meet your needs. Rolfing is a team sport!

And third, I’ve chosen to keep us out of public buildings by offering sessions at my beautiful Ohio City home studio. Cleaning practices are in place including air filtration, and clients are asked to come clean and wear a mask with at least 2 fabric layers. I wear one too, and change clothing/mask/linens between clients. Hand sanitizer is available for your use, and I have paper masks for $3  if you do not bring a mask to your session.  At this time, I ask clients use my home restroom only if absolutely necessary. Like other businesses, I ask that when you arrive for your session, you text me from your car and wait for me to text you that it is safe for you to come to my front door. I will greet you there!