Leah Rachocki is certified to practice Rolf Structural Integration and Rolf Movement Integration. Her extensive continuing education and years of practice show in her work. Her hands are soft, gentle, intuitive and effective. She emphasizes education in her sessions so that people can take better care of themselves every day using practical cues.

Rolfing Session

Manual therapy + movement education

1 hr 15 min, $165

Combining Rolfing with Rolf Movement, this session is designed to teach you how to tune in to your body’s brain, to listen to your sensations and to respond wisely with simple posture and movement cues. Rolfing doesn’t fix anything. Rolfing teaches you how to listen and respond to your physical needs through touch and movement. Your curiosity and willingness to participate in the process during the session and in-between sessions is essential. Rolfing requires a series of sessions, I ask clients to schedule when they are ready for the next step.

Is Rolfing for Me?

Online session to learn about the practice

15 min, no charge

Curious about Rolfing? Book this 15 minute Zoom session so we can learn about each other and decide together if your needs and Cleveland Rolfing are a match. If you'd rather talk by phone, book the online session and email me (leah@clevelandrolfing.com) to let me know your preference. I'll call at our scheduled meeting time.

Rolf Movement Session

Movement session, using cues, limited touch.

45 min, $95

Rolf Movement sessions guide people to move better. Walking, sitting, lifting, reaching all occur in relationship to Gravity. Rolf Movement is unique for teaching people how to move with Gravity. When we do, we experience a flow state. Rolf Movement sessions are a good choice for someone curious about Rolfing, or a returning client who wants time to work on awareness skills during movement.

Online Rolfing Session

Heading 5

50 mins, $80

The pandemic taught me that online Rolfing is not only possible, it is a powerful educational tool. I will guide you through movement, self touch and anatomy so that you learn through sensation how you can move with greater ease, how you affect your own health and the best ways to respond to your body when it is in need. You’ll need a prop or two, such as a hard seated chair, a stick, a ball. Before your session, I’ll connect with you to discover your goals and then together we’ll decide if we need props. You don’t need to buy anything special. A keystone benefit to an online session is using things in your home to help you improve your relationship to your body (self). You can then practice at your own pace. Each session is different, and like in-person Rolfing, requires a series. 

Work with Leah

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