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Cleveland Rolfing is proud to share some of the testimonials I’ve received over the last five years. I enjoy helping my clients become more settled and aware of their body. Many of my returning clients value the benefits of regular treatment to help them maintain balanced lives in today’s busy world. They know that we will only deliver the best. Schedule an appointment for one of our balancing treatments and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!

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Leah helped me find lasting relief after suffering more than a decade of lower back pain and again after a car accident. She introduced me to the world of Rolfing and has literally impacted my life in ways that I wouldn't have thought possible.My Rolfing sessions with Leah were gentle, intuitive, and provided immediate results. And while the sessions themselves have had a profound impact on me, she has also helped me obtain a new level of awareness around posture and movement that will be a part of my daily experience for the rest of my life.I'd been to chiropractors. I'd been to my doctor. I'd seen a half-dozen massage therapists. They were all great. But none of them changed my life. Leah's Rolfing sessions are like nothing else I've ever experienced, and I whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to forge a new relationship with their own bodies.

Each session with Leah has invited me to live in my body in a more spacious, grounded, and adaptive way. The work we have done together has helped me find new access to my breath and my voice. I have discovered movement and resilience in the areas of my body that previously felt most rigid or stiff. Rolfing sessions with Leah have reshaped the way I take each breath, inhabit my own body, and take up space in the world.

Leah has shown me a new way of healing that doesn't involve physical therapy, surgery or endless doctor appointments with no answers. Leah focuses on making your body whole in your session, which in turn solves the core problem. The physical healing I have gone through with seeing her is tremendous. As a runner, I dealt with persistent ankle tendinitis for 4 months last summer, with a "tingly" feeling in my ankle/shins & a clicking noise when I would move my ankle. This pain and irritation prevented me from participating in the sport all together. I rested my ankle (per my doctor's orders) and it was not healing. I knew deep down there was another way to heal this.


Then I found Leah and her amazing work. After one session, my tendinitis felt almost non-existent, and the clicking noise I had in my ankle subsided. After my second session, It was gone. Leah had no doubts in my body's ability to heal, and gave me the courage to try running again and I had no pain after just two sessions. I also had a very serious knee surgery in 2012, and her work in my body has helped strengthen my right knee and that side of my body.


The pain I had felt in my body was affecting me in such a negative way, and I'm very thankful I found Leah. She has a true, deep passion for the work she does, and such a gentle touch. I encourage anyone to see her who is experiencing any type of pain. Thank you, Leah